04 December 2012


 This is the bag I arrived with. Too heavy and wintery for the beach.
 This is the bag I picked up at Meg's Boutique to lighten the load.
This morning I layered-up--t-shirt, v-neck cashmere sweater, down vest, medium-weight long scarf. Then, around 11:00am I peeled back the vest and cashmere; and changed-out for a heavy cotton pullover and cotton scarf.  It's all about style! Then, along the way I removed the scarf and tied it to my bag.

WARNING: long scarfs should be removed prior to using the WC...

Nothing some hot water and anti-bacterial soap can't immediately sanitize. And, the lite-weight cotton scarf was wash-n-go--drying in the warm ocean breezes as I continued on my way.

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