03 December 2012

At the Beach, Day 1

JE's family has decided to join us tomorrow for 5 nights--in a separate condo, just across the hall. YEA!

CA has a jarring cough that requires a trip to Walgreen's and a consult with a pharmacist just after breakfast at Beach favorite Pocahontas Pancake House. He needs to lay low today. I wander about to a few shops, make a quick and efficient visit to a Patient First urgent case facility (UTI--my least favorite acronymn), ending up at Starbucks on 31st for WiFi access. We hang around OBC reading, napping,  computing, and just doing life with a lovely seaview...

When what to our wondering eyes should appear but 4 frolicking dolphins just in span of beach, entertaining us for almost half an hour. Awesome!

We have an early dinner at Soya for sushi. Another huge YUM! Then, hot chocolate at Starbucks and  a walk along the Boardwalk through the Christmas light display. I catch up on reality TV and deal with the frustratingly absent cellular service. I can kind of get a signal outside by the pool...

I love the beach.

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