04 December 2012

At the Beach, Day 2: OBX

Corolla, NC
A quick breakfast in our condo and then a 1-1/2 hour drive south and a bit east to the Outer Banks of North Carolina. Specifically, Duck and Corolla. We calculate that it's been 28 years since we vacationed or even visited these shores. Last time staying a week at Barrier Island Station, which has sadly not been well-maintained. We visit a couple of shops and I buy a pretty sarong of purples and sea-green.

I love the Outer Banks. I'm working on CA to return here for a week in late winter (coupled with more time in VB) before soccer season starts again late February.

We beach walk and find a ton of shells. This part of the shoreline wasn't hit as hard as the southern spit of OBX. We aren't lucky enough to see any wild ponies today-- wondering if all the recent development has chased them away? And, no Osprey sightings. Still, a beautiful day and hard to leave...

By late afternoon we stand on our terrace and spend 30 minutes watching 4 dolphins cavort in the closest Atlantic waters. So cool! Hope they return while the Fun Kids are here.

JE's family arrives close to 7pm and we soon cross over to Pi-zzeria for dinner--pizza, pasta, and salads. CA had taken advantage of an off-season special and purchased a $50 gift card, which comes with a second $50 gift card, effective January 2013.  So, it seems we will come back soon.

A very, very good day at the beach.

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