12 December 2012

Time to Leave

Three more nights with the Fun Kids in Cincinnati--MA is traveling to NYC and we're helping JE for the duration.

We lay low Monday while the two older Fun Kids go to school. Great day to relax and unwind. LC is constant entertainment. He's reached the terrible twos way ahead of schedule, but most of the time is charming, entertaining, and hillarious.

Joseph-Beth is a treat that CA and I give ourselves Tuesday a.m. A great independent bookstore with the additional feature of Brontë Bistro (another coffee shop Cincinnati edition) for a quick and lovely breakfast coffee.

Can you tell LC feeds himself?
I do a repeat of my now infamous super-sized M+M cookies--to great acclaim. And, we manage to get the carpet cleaners in while CA and JE take all three Fun Kids back to Recreations Outlet to use the rest of our Groupon. What a great place to entertain and exercise (exorcise???) the kiddos.

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