13 December 2012

Book of Mormon

Really can't recommend.

It's complicated. Wouldn't want to offend my more conservative friends.

You laugh. Belly laughs. It's endearing.

The language is foul and blasphemous. Truly. A very, very guilty pleasure. Underneath are some harsh truths. It's silly and provacative.

The LDS takes the high road--buying three very tasteful pages of advertising in the program.

Example: You've seen the play... Now read the book.

We scored big for once, buying 4 good seats last spring--the first day tickets went on sale. After noticing, at a late date, that that the tickets said explicit language and then viewing a few YouTube videos, we questioned JL and PLJ further. They both backed off. So, CA suggested we sell our 2 extra tickets on Stub Hub. It sufficeth to say--the two of us got in free. And, we did not mention to the lovely Texas couple, in the third and fourth seats from the aisle, that we had scalped them. So to speak.

After theater, we walked over to Miller's Pub for a late, lite supper. Our waiter told us that the cast and company, along with family, had been in for a late dinner after dress rehersel just a couple nights prior.


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