02 December 2012

Gorgeous Drive

The 10+ hour drive from Cincinnati to the oceanfront is lovely--through some early rain, midday sun, low hanging clouds, and a bit of fog. We have lunch in the Greenbrier Cafe at Tamarack in West Virginia--North Carolina BBQ pulled pork and cole slaw on a homemade roll. YUM!. The day flies by with the assistance of Jeffery Archer's Cat O' Nine Tails audiobook of short stories. Sunset around 4:30pm and arrival at the Ocean Beach Club at dinnertime. 

We barely settle in at Ocean Beach Club before we're negotiating dinner plans--CA wants to go out and I'm thinking PB and J with some Ruffles and iced tea in our condo... CA prevails and we walk just across the street to Pi-zzeria, that's π-zzeria.

CA enjoys:

And, I get all daring and select:

Very satisfying.

The beach is ablaze with a Christmas light show and I am giddy to be at the beach--all on the spur-of-the-moment. How many random, self-indulgent choices do we usually make? Too few. This is brilliant.

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