06 March 2012

Wucy Witticisms

Last night JE bought a set of Peter Rabbit silverware at Pottery Barn Kids for almost 3 year old LE. Too late, she remembered they were still in her purse this morning.

LE pulled them out and said, "I want a computer for my birthday, not silverware!"

Later, JE thought she'd hide the silverware. Maybe LE would forget about it and still be surprised. She couldn't find it, and finally asked LE. LE ran into the playroom-office and reached under the couch. She'd wrapped it in a paper towel and hidden it--so it'd be a surprise ofr her birthday.

Later LE and JA were sword fighting in the kitchen--he with a long spoon and she with a rectangular blue plastic lid as a shield. All the time LE was yelling, "Use your inside voice, Jonah. Use your inside voice, Jonah."

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