24 March 2012


Isn't it really the twists and swerves of daily life that keeps it interesting? And, me on my toes.

Instead of entertaining friends on Sunday, I'm flying to Phoenix-Scottsdale with my sister PM. Dad's middle brother has passed away after a rather brief illness, and at the age of 88.

We're sadden, yet quite proud of all RFJ has accomplished in his long life. I remember the great pride my grandparents took in all of his interests and accomplishments. From humble, small town beginnings he served his country in WWII, attained advance degrees in mathematics, raised a fine family, and managed to publish more than a dozen textbooks with a pre-eminent scholastic publisher.

Both of my Dad's brothers have had chronic health issues, while he--the oldest at 90--stays remarkably healthy. (He hates it when we say he's healthy!)

So... JE's family's in Orlando this next week visiting her DM's family, and CA holds down the fort at home (coaching soccer this Spring Break week), while I fly off to AZ (Or, "the desert" as I explained to LE this morning. She's worried about sand storms...)

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