23 March 2012

PB and J French Toast

Guessing we named French toast after the Croque Monsieur or Croque Madame typically served as a luncheon entree in cafes or bistros in France.

Yesterday morning I indulged in my first ever PB and J French toast. To-die-for! Truly.

I tiptoed in--making just half a sandwich to start--with Skippy Natural PB and some black raspberry preserves. Just dipped in the standard egg mixture--one egg, some milk and vanilla, all whisked together. Grilled that baby in a combination of vegetable oil and butter until it was perfectly golden.

Everything was all gooey and drippy, and crunchy, too. Double YUM!!

One comment. Fold do not cut bread in half to prevent excessive oozing and thus smoke while grilling.

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