03 March 2012

Taking My Act on the Road

Can't remember source. So sorry... Please let me know if you know.

The snuggle bugs in Omaha are calling my name... I fly out of Midway in Chicago very, very early tomorrow morning. I can hardly wait.

I'll be more of an on-looker this time due to the lingering neuropathy (nerve pain) from my recent Shingles virus. Still, we'll have such fun.

There will be gifts. There will be treats. And, giggles, squeals, and delight. The kids will probably make some noises, too. :)

CA stays home to coach soccer and check-up on GG who has developed pneumonia, congestive heart failure, etc. She's really sick, but getting better. Right now she's resting in the hospital, just where she should be.

If all goes well in Omaha, I may have a quick trip to Cincinnati in the near future. Yep! Our kids are on the move and because they'll be closer (just 5-1/2 hours) than usual, they've invited me to join them.

The little girls in Orlando have been enjoying the hot weather and doing lots of swimming. They love having a pool and lots of friends to enjoy it with. Florida has been a dream come true for DM + MK's family this year. Loving it.


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