06 March 2012


In Omaha, I'm usually " grandma." CA is "grandpa." (The other set of grandparents in nearby Lincoln are "Nana" and "Papa.")

In Orlando, I'm still "grandma" but CA is "Papa." The other set of grandparents are "Dedi" and "Babi." Short for the Slovak peasant form--"Dedko" and "Babka." Actually, the correct citified version (these grandparents live in cosmopolitan Bratislava) would be Stara Mama and Stary Otec, but first grandchild LE set the precedent when she was first learning to speak, and the Slovak grandparents quite happily answer to the simpler names.

We work hard to keep our identities straight. Sometimes we mis-speak and they call us on it...

Tonight The Fun Kids Club were kissing me goodnight and giggling and bouncing around calling me "grammy." LE wanted to know if that was a nice name.

Yes. Very nice.


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