30 March 2012


Last summer we traded up from our queen-sized bed to a king--made up from (2) twin extra-long bed frames/mattresses. I pushed for the upgrade because CA can be a blanket hog, and with my sometimes erratic sleep habits I'd become extremely sensitive to bumps-in-the-night.

We've had a headboard dilemma, thinking we'd commission an upholstered headboard once we moved from the main parts of the house redecorating to the master bedroom. Somewhere between then and now I got the idea to re-purpose the antique iron twin bed frame that had been DM's growing up.

Our handy-dandy electrician with his handy-man crew took on the project of converting a headboard and foot board of different heights into the king-sized headboard we desired. I'd asked that they be wall-mounted to alleviate the rattle-rattle I associate with metallic headboards.

So, we're now in the process of choosing fabric for a bed skirt and a few fun pillows. And, the art above the bed is too small, so that requires some re-thinking and possible re-purposing, also.

As for the toss pillows--I'd found white linen napkins a couple of years ago which I've had embroidered with some significant numbers and French phrases. DV is having those made into pillows to use here. And, I'm guessing we'll repeat the bed skirt fabric in a couple of pillows, too.

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