09 March 2012

March 4 - 8: Omaha

Unfortunately, all photos in this post were just iPhone shots.
Too much luggage to include a good camera.

Long before Mr. Shingles came for a visit, I'd made reservations for Omaha. MA had to be out-of-town and I was invited to stay with the Fun Kids and JE for part of that time.

We stuck pretty close to home, because of my limitations, but JE had plans each day for the Fun Kids. We ate Chinese, we ate Chipotle, we made some burgers, I had a quiet lunch in Midtown at Cantina Loredo--it's always about the food.

Both kids were on their knees on this table watching a "show" when I approached
with my camera phone, but JA high-tailed it out of there lickety-split. Camera shy?

LE got to hand-pick her birthday gift--pink ballet slippers we ordered from Payless Shoes Online. And, both the older Fun Kids had beautiful red boxes with green polka dots filled with small gifts. They each chose, throughout the day, 1-2-or-3 small gifts with their eyes closed. Fun, fun.

JA wanted to wear his retro-Cubs grey t-shirt for pre-school, over the new button shirt. And, he loves button-front shirts. In fact, on Monday morning every member of the Smith family was wearing a new shirt picked out by moi!

This one's from Christmas, but it's my favorite.

LC is the to-die-for baby. He's gorgeous, flirtatious, and yet shy. He loves his mommy, but worships me from afar! He's insisting, at 7-1/2 months, that solid food is the way to go. Very observant of what the older two are doing and desperate to be on their team.

From August, but it's obvious why I have to repeat it here.

Miss Lucy-Lu loves her daddy!
LE is full of witticisms and as sweet as a small, almost 3 year-old girl can be. She's such a helper and pleaser. Decided at one point to call me Grammy, but questions immediately if that was a nice word. She also wanted to call JA, Jo-Jo, which he declined vehemently.

JA is all testorerone and energy, with crazy dance moves, brilliant made-up games, and make-believe. He loves music. He's very orderly-minded and, poor dear, a very overactive brain that takes up to 1-1/2 hours to unwind at night.Yet, he mostly waits it out until the Sandman mercifully arrives.

JE made me feel welcome and appreciated. I loved every second.

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