05 January 2012


When Fred called me yesterday just after 9:00am, I learned that I need to finalize my fabric decisions.  I'd expected to follow-up on my upholstery plans with Fred sometime next week, as he'd indicated before Christmas that his schedule was full and it'd be January before he could start on my project. 

I've been waffling on whether to actually use the French fabric we'd purchased in Antibes last winter. CA is a oenophile and the French fabric is embossed with the labels-branding of some of our favorite chateaus. We've had a small ottoman re-upholstered with the fabric without really knowing where it'd fit in our new decor. 

But, I've recently become infatuated with the splashes of  hot pink appearing across the interior design blogger world, and have a sudden irrational desire to incorporate some of that luscious color into my world--possibly on inside back of the arm chairs (just two of the six are armchairs--the four side chairs are destined for neutral "cement" leather-linen). I've spent hours looking at fabric and found nothing that quite suits.

Yesterday morning at my house...

This afternoon at Fred's Upholstery:

That butt-sprung look/feeling is explained with one look at the 25+ year old webbing.

Learned that this furry creature is called an edge roll.
It's the only part of the existing upholstery that will be reused in this project.

Edge Roll: Thick jute cord wrapped in burlap. Used to soften frame and spring edges. 

Another look at the before;

and, after... 
While my iPhone camera angle is similar in the two photos, the shot is taken from a bit high. 
Consequently, the seat cushion appears somewhat distorted. 

The color is very off in the iPhone photo.
This color swatch is from the Greenhouse website.

Greenhouse Design Fabrics
Cement 98069

Just after noon I visit Fred's shop and quickly realize that the wine fabric is the absolute right choice for our study-dining room. I'd forgotten that I matched the Greenhouse "cement" color for the linen and the leather selection with the taupe background of the French fabric.

Fred's 30% or more into the project. He's already rebuilt the seats and installed the leather on two chairs, and installed the linen on the outside back of one arm chair. Lovely, and exciting--what a difference!

The linen cording will be next on this chair--single cording on the inside and outside back, and double cording on the leather seat.

Fred says he'll deliver the finished chairs as early as Saturday--2 days--or Monday at the latest. WOW and WOW!

Update: Just after 10:00am on Saturday morning Fred's son, Craig, delivers our six chairs. CA and I have fun placing them in various rooms and standing back to admire the changes.

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