18 January 2012


Not too original... The holiday binge has guilted me into rejoining Weight Watches with LL. Around Thanksgiving my weight was lower than I can remember it--somewhere around what it was in April of 2004 at a highly stressful juncture of my work-life. I should have been ecstatic, but reality was that by early November I was feeling close to burnout and looking for a pile of head-shaped sand to dive into.

Conversely, it was also a time when I was deeply appreciating and enjoying family life. Thanksgiving was a rare time with both our children and their families--a treat of treats. CA and I were looking forward to weeks at home. We'd made a mutual decision with D+M that we'd forego our anticipated beach trip to Hilton Head and remain in our respective homes over the Christmas and New Years holidays. Everyone was tripped out and exhausted.

But, three weeks and a few days later CA and I were on our way to the beach--Kiawah Island, SC--and looking forward to several days with D+M's family. Turns out that your soul and body can find ways to replenish in the midst of travel and a bunch of people, if you add proximity to the ocean to the formula. Our time at Kiawah was deeply nourishing for CA and I, and a enjoyable respite for D+M's family as well--creating some memorable moments that we expect will deepen into cherished memories, similar to those we're enjoying from our time at Virginia Beach last May with JE's family.

So... I'm on the cusp of cleaning up my act. While I'd spent decades as a yo-yo dieter, in recent years I've learned that loosing weight is all about healthy eating, and when I regain self-control in that area I can expect other habits and practices will fall into better patterns. I've returned to practicing yoga and expect to participate on a regular basis a couple of times a week. My sleep patterns are already looking up, and I'm back to enjoying a lot of reading--sure signs that I'm becoming more centered; more me. Ah-h-h... I've learned to love retirement and its freedoms. Life is good.

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