03 January 2012


A moment, please, if you would be so kind. My life is changing dramatically; significantly. If you can spare the time, please follow me backward through the past 10 days...

To set the scene it may help to know of my recent personal issues and how they've left me forlorn and adrift, impeding my creativity, my willingness to commit experiences and thought to words in daily blog posts.  While previously I managed to journal almost daily, since sometime over the summer I've avoided the big ole Sony laptop. To be blunt, we've had a spate of relational issues. Maybe size? Maybe weight? Maybe access? 

To clarify--the Sony isn't unhappy with our relationship. The issues are all mine toward it. Giving credit where credit is due, the Sony has been tolerant of, even generous toward, the fluctuations in my size, weight, and availability. It's me; not it.

Writing is breathing and wholesome goodness for my soul. It nurtures and centers me. Writing sifts and sorts through my psyche, leaving me refreshed and ready for healthier living.

Posting via Blogger has been an issue in the past few months, since I've become a committed iPad girl. Finding an app to enable my new and budding relationship has taken some time; some false starts. I'd become discouraged. Not wanting to spend time away from my iPad, not feeling the same as before about the Sony.

Anyhow, I've just met Blogsy and, while it's early days with the two of us as we're just getting to know one another, I've great hope that we may become the best of friends. And, even more than that, potential intimates. Constant companions.

So... Somewhere back in time--specifically the 23rd of December--in the year of our Lord 2011, CA and I set off on our latest adventure. Set off at 4:30am! First stop was... Well, channel back and catch us as we begin our island adventure.

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