17 January 2012


Aristocrat Red
8' x 10'
Great Room

Poise Plum
4' x 6'

So, I've ordered two rugs--one for the foyer and one for the great room. I'm nervous and excited. Nervous because if one or both don't work, the return will surely be a hassle. The website assures me that the vendor adequately provides for such action with enclosed instructions and a flexible policy. I just can't imagine that two awkwardly shaped and heavy parcels can arrive and potentially depart my home without some less-than-artful wrangling and maneuvering.

However, most of all I'm excited! I've lived with these images for weeks and weeks. I've enlarged them on my iPad and carried the images from room to room considering and imagining how they'll complete our spaces. We've been redecorating for months and months, and CA agrees that, whatever it takes, we're going to finish our great room, morning room, entry, and study-dining room in the weeks ahead. Installing appropriate rugs is one of the key tasks in accomplishing that.

Here's hoping...

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