26 January 2012


We're traveling again. Just a short visit with JE's family in Omaha. She had a recent birthday so we'll bake a special cake, enjoy the little ones, and just hang out together. Baby LC is six months now, and quite the charmer. JA and LE greet us with exuberance and expectation, knowing there will be gifts and treats! Of course there are.

One fun gift is a 10-episode DVD of Punky Brewster--one of their mommy's favorites from 1984 - 1988. She would have been 5 - 9 years old and not immune to adopting some of Punky's style. Flashback...

LC gets his own piggy bank, but this one is a roaring lion bank.

LE is quick to claim the iPad, and it's fun to see how self-sufficient she and JA have become finding their favorite apps--drums, talking animals, and funny photos. We also check out the educational apps: Princess Pony (memory) and Make It Pop (colors, counting, recognition, etc.).

JA has Pajama Day (celebrating the letter "p") at pre-school today and is excited to wear his skulls pj's with a guitar t-shirt. He's wondering what special activities are planned for Pajama Day... His mommy kids that there will be naps.

So, a few days with the fun kids...

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