17 November 2010


There's a new mall and housing-entertainment complex on the Danube in Bratislava--Eurovea. It's quite lovely and well designed. I love the parking garage...

When you enter the garage there's a digital readout that indicates how many available parking spaces and each aisle has an additional readout indicating how many spaces are available in that row. And, there is a sensor hanging above each parking space that indicates red (not available) or green (available). I love it!

MK tells me that there are two parking decks in Bratislava where you drive your car into a slot, and it becomes enclosed in a box that is moved into an out-of-site stack where it remains until upon return you present your ticket. Then, the box is moved into place, the door opens, and your car is returned to you. Voila!

Rick Steve's recent article on BA does a great job of describing the same Bratislava that we've been talking about in recent years with our friends and family.

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