15 November 2010


KF is up early this a.m. with her daddy, so I roll out early, too. KF loves to tickle us, and always has hugs and kisses for NJ. Already today she has scary fingers, using the plastic markers from her Sorry game.

KF is well rested--she fell asleep in the car on the way from Avion last night, so was dead to the world by 6:00pm. The best thing so far is when her daddy calls her pumpkin or sweetie pie or cutie. She says, "I not pumpkin, I Kika Faith!"

LG has školka (pre-school) today, and dresses prettily in pink. She loves wearing dresses--all the better to dance through the day. Last week she bargained to be able to stay home with us on Thursday, our first full day, and this week Wednesday is a holiday so our plans are to travel or do something very special.

The Kangoo has a cough, so MK and DM are driving it to the repair shop. While they're away, I'm making some chicken stock and maybe something more. Later, we may go shopping and let the little girls choose some new clothing.

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