17 November 2010

BIG TRIP: Day 9, Day of Fight for Freedom and Democracy

This is an important holiday in Central Europe--the end of Communism and the beginning of building a democracy and living as a free people. This is the Day of Fight for Freedom and Democracy.

From today's Slovak Spectator:

Slovakia today (Wednesday, November 17) marks the 21st anniversary of the start of the Velvet Revolution, which ended communist rule in the former Czechoslovakia. The result of the process which was set in train on November 17, 1989, was the transition from the hard-line totalitarian regime imposed after 1968 towards Slovakia’s present multi-party, democratic parliamentary system and market economy, the SITA newswire wrote.

The country commemorates the events of 1989 with a public holiday called the Day of the Fight for Freedom and Democracy.

We talk about traveling to Budapest or Vienna or into the Tatra Mountains for today, but in the enwrangle the two older girls through the afternoon, ending with a trip to the local Monkey Joe's, and then we meet for some traditional Slovak food at Modry Dom in Vjnory.

LG and KF finish-out the day with some dress-up, Punky Brewster-style. And, NJ... She masquerades as a perfect baby.

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