15 November 2010


Who could have guessed the perfect weather we've been given? Lovely. We are out for just a bit today. LG is at školka and NJ is napping when MK, papa, KF, and I drive to Tesco and the playground. KF wants to swing the highest and climb the furthest--she's athletic and adventurous, and enjoying our full attention.

We're buying fresh mushrooms, white wine, baguettes, scallions for the mushroom risotto we've planned for dinner. And, some deli meats and cheeses and a loaf of good white bread for lunch. KF chooses juice bottles for LG and her treat, and we refresh our coffee supply.

MK drives us to Slovenský Grob to a lovely Vinotek (wine shop) and CA spends some serious time contemplating the selection. He wants to return later with DM for some decisive shopping.

Baby NJ is coming into her own--two new teeth, for a total of four, and she's mobilized and working toward walking on her own. MK put her on the red scooter car today, and she was ready to go. A few minutes later, MK began to strap her into her stroller and she completely turned over, squirming, and whimpering. Don't fence me in! I'm an independent young girl--just like my sisters!

And, LG enjoyed the beautiful afternoon on her rollerblades!

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