16 November 2010

BIG TRIP: Day 8, Random Thoughts

Why did KF think it was a good idea to teach baby NJ how to blow a whistle?

Isn't it remarkable that not-yet-three-year-old KF can invent such stories?! Some include monsters, princesses, rescues, and escapes.

Both LG and KF invent stories and songs and can entertain themselves for chunks of time. They also have high-decibel girly voices that they prefer using at the highest frequency and pitch as humanly possible.

KF saying "o-tay" just like Buckwheat!

NJ at 10 months is absolutely entertained by just hanging out with her sisters. God bless her!

How can 3 hours at a mall with two rather compliant pre-schoolers end up being completely exhausting for both papa and me? DM suggests it's sensory overload with everything surrounding us at Avion--people, signs, voices, music, selection--in a language we don't understand.

How can a pizza order--bacon, onion, gorgonzola cheese--go so very wrong?

And, for all the Americanization of the retail and food establishments here in Central Europe, iced beverages seem to be one of the last holdouts. No ice cubes in our soft drinks. Ever. One survives.

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