05 November 2016

Exploring a New Cuisine

Today we were so pleased to have three beautiful, young women (grad students) from India visit with us, and help to prepare a really delicious meal. CA and I have enjoyed various curries over the years and memorable meals in an Indian restaurant or two in London, but when we ate a wonderful meal at Paddy Rawal's Raaga in Santa Fe in September we decided we were going to learn more about the cuisines of India.

I bought The Raaga Cookbook-Modern Indian Cuisine, and then ordered Aarti Paarti, an American Kitchen with an Indian Soul by Aarti Squeira. And, I asked Eeshita, a recent acquaintance (hopefully friend), if she would cook with us. We settled on November 5th.

Eeshita and two roommates met me today, and we shopped at India Rice and Spice for ingredients to make Spinach Chaat (a Northern India specialty--street food), Saffron and Coconut Milk Risotto (via the Pioneer Woman blog), and Saffron Rasmalai for dessert (Bengali).

By 12:30 or so we were dividing up the responsibilities--Me-risotto; Eeshita-Rasmalai; KG and SD-the Chaat and a green and spicy Chutney (mint, cilantro, olive oil, onion, jalapeño, lime juices...).
What a fun and delicious afternoon that we plan to repeat very soon.

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