15 November 2016

Six Month Analysis

On May 2nd I received the keys for this tiny rental flat in an almost new building in Old Town, Fort Collins. Unfurnished. Seemingly a huge challenge, but DM, MK, and the Fun Kids worked together and worked hard to get the 2 bedroom apartment cleaned and as settled as possible. CA was still in Illinois recovering from heart surgery.

A week later CA and I drove from Illinois to Colorado. We had a bed to sleep in and a table and 2 dining chairs. We brought along a ton of kitchenware and dishes; towels, linens, and a blue bistro table and chairs for our terrace. Over the ensuing weeks we added 2 couches, a rug, a third dining chair, a matching occasional chair, my favorite red-enameled media cabinet, flowers and herbs for the terrace. We hung white lights along the rails and supports on the terrace. On our next visit we added a lamp and leather chair, to the guest room; along with very cool, double-over-double bunk beds. We found artwork for our empty walls. Nightstands and lamps.

The current visit, like God on the seventh day of creation, we rested. Our nest feathered; our days of normal living ready for mapping. The gym classes subscribed, a walkable distance. Church, shopping, entertainment, restaurants, etc. also walkable.

Through this all, we've entertained, gone site-seeing and hiking. Reveled in the conveniences and attractions of Colorado living and a pedestrian lifestyle. There's always more to do than we can squeeze in. And, we have family and Fun Kids nearby (totally new for us) to celebrate holidays and ordinary events. We read a lot. We listen to music. We wander about. We decide on much at the spur of a moment.

A few weeks into this adventure, I doubted that I was cutout for living between two homes. The jury's in! I love it.

Early pic of dining area. 

Just getting started on the terrace. 

Our building. 

Our main living space.

Double-over double bunk beds. 

Celebrating our niece JF's birthday. 

Old Town Farmers Market finds. 

CA and MK preparing Risotto for our early Fathers Day celebration. 

CA ands LG making a pie crust. 

We're delighted to have overnight guests--Fun Kids--most Friday nights. 

We frequent many Fort Collins coffee shops and restaurants. Here we are having lunch at The Fox and the Crow. 

Our son DM at a favorite for breakfast and lunch: Silver Grill. 

On Fridays we help our DIL prepare dinner for a group of International students. 

Fun Kids helping grad students prepare a recent Friday dinner.

Old Town, Fort Collins all dressed-up for Christmas.

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