24 November 2016

Thanksgiving Day

Our day began with a round of Pie Face. Much more fun than logic might suggest. Delightful for all ages. 

Early in the day, we decided to include GG in our celebration, even though she's hundreds of miles away in her sheltered-care home. 

A favorite pic of GG and JA from a few years ago. 

We took many more photos than usual to text to her, and we FaceTimed throughout the day. 

Here we're sending "cheers" her way. GG loves a good drink. 

The Fun Kids find a tight corner to play together. Where's JA?

There he is! Watching football with Uncle DM. 

Next, while the Fun Kids moms find spots to relax, the kiddos play another game together: Apples-to-Apples. 

Our turkey is in the oven. Looking rather angelic. 

The Apple Crisp with Oat Topping is hot and juicy. Recipe from allrecipes.com. The same recipe I made for CA in the early years of our marriage--from the red and white checkered Better Homes and Gardens cookbook. We ate this with vanilla ice cream. 

I sent this pic to family and friends to illustrate how I was spending my day. 

The beautiful 12-foot table that MA's dad built out of reclaimed barn wood is almost ready for our feast. Four generations of Carlsons and Smiths have lived on the farm in Waverly, Nebraska. This wood is from a barn that was recently disassembled and reclaimed in such a lovely way. JE and MA did all the finishing work themselves, and the table is beautiful. 

The instant-read thermometer said he was done. He wasn't, but we had enough meat for all. Next time we'll stick that thermometer into a variety of places before believing the turkey is done. 

Almost ready to eat. 

We had a wonderful meal, and a perfect family celebration of all the love and blessings our family enjoys. Our hearts belong to Jesus, our redemptive savior and Lord. God is so loving and kind to us. Great Grandpa died just 2 weeks ago at 95 years old. He's with Grandma now. (my parents). GG (CA's mom) had a close-call in September, but she's healthy and strong now, and truly enjoying life.

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