27 November 2016

Winter Travel 2016

Home from our wandering. After 5-weeks in Colorado (with a side trip to Peoria, IL for dad's funeral), we traveled home via Thanksgiving in Omaha with JE's family. DM+MK also traveled to Omaha. 

We had less than 24 hours at home in Woodstock before catching an Uber ride to O'Hare for tonight's 7:00pm FinnAir flight to CDG and Paris!

After craving pasta the whole way to the airport, we walked right past Macaroni Gill to Rick Bayless's Tortas Frontera. And, fell flat-out in love with the Tortas Cubano and Fully Loaded Guacamole. Best airport meal EVER. 

Gotta charge my phone so that no detail goes undocumented.

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