25 November 2016

The Day After

CA and I started our day at Le Petit Paris French Bakery with some excellent coffee and sharing an almond and an apricot croissant. 

Some of the Fun Kids posed with the Lemon and Raspberry Tarts we made yesterday morning. Then, they decided that they wanted a silly pic. 

We managed some last minute gift wrapping in the driveway. Amazon had been busily shipping gifts directly to our daughter's home. 

No tree yet, so we dedicated this corner as the gift repository. Worked for us. Each family will be celebrating separately from us this Christmas.

JE had arranged a photo session for the entire family. We snuck into their neighbors backyard instead of going to the local park, as planned. Thinking we'll have some fine family photos to document this special holiday together. 

DM and I took the 6 Fun Kids to see Trolls at 4:00pm, and we finished out our time together with pizza and then gathered around the firepit with some Creamy Limoncello while the kids jumped on the trampoline in the dark.

We've had a wonderful Thanksgiving; time together as a family. Love, laughter, stories, photo ops, and lots of great food. 

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