25 September 2014

Travel Plans

Vieux Village Mougin

France-U.S. Southwest-France-Southwest-France... We've been debating for months. After a summer (and Fall) of health issues and physical therapy, CA and I knew we'd want to travel this Autumn. Then, family issues and events kept piling up. We're still determined to get away.

This month, I went to Charleston and Kiawah, while CA traveled to Colorado. We want to go to Cincinnati very soon.

We finally pieced this puzzle together. In October and November we'll travel to Cincinnati, then Central Illinois. We'll see grandkids in Ohio; address family health issues, visit relatives, travel to my Jacobs grandparents small town to check-out a real estate venture, meet a future sister-in-law, attend a wedding--all in Central Illinois; and have periods of time at home in October. In November, we'll be home lots, visit Colorado and New Mexico, make a couple of grandparents' day appearances, celebrate Thanksgiving, and attend a special wedding.

Now, I can't imagine how we'd have fit in 4-weeks in France. But, we will go in late Winter or mid-May.

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