17 September 2014

Kiawah-Charleston, Wednesday

Breakfast in Charleston this morning. Not too early, but we headed out into a surprisingly perfect, sunshining morning. We'd expected rain and an inside day at Charleston Museum and historic home tours.
Un-uh. We'll be outside on the streets and basking in the sunlight (and humidity).

Saffron Bakery-Cafe-Market

We've chosen Saffron Bakery and Cafe for our mid-morning breakfast in Charleston; both opting for the Mediterranean Omelette: roasted red peppers, spinach, green onion, feta and chopped fresh herbs. I opt for the accompanying grits, while BZY has one of the bakery breads on offer. Lovely.

We park just off East Bay and walk immediately to the Waterfront Park and spend our alotted 20 minutes in a swing overlooking the harbor and the Arthur Ravenel Bridge to Mount Pleasant

Arthur Ravenel Bridge to Mount Pleasant.

We continue along the waterfront, eventually walking Broad Street--Gallery Row--where we find small hidden courtyards, local gallery owners and artists eager to engage, and plenty of gorgeous architecture, vegetation, and historical significance.

Moss-covered bricks top this vine-covered wall.

After ice cream, we meander back to the car and off in search of Geechie Boy Grits. We've been give a lead to a market on Main Street near the Maybank Highway intersection. Ambrose Family Stono Farm Market it is!, where we happily find the wonderful grits we enjoyed at Husk on Monday evening.

Gheechie Boy Grits
Cook grits with half water-half chicken stock
Thin with cream
Stir in a bit of butter

If that wasn't enough, we rested a bit and had dinner at Chez Fish on Johns Island, close to home. Very good. Loved the location and the decor makes you smile. Some of the very best sweetgrass baskets being woven near the entrance.

My Fried Goat Cheese-Heirloom Tomato Salad.

BZY chose the seafood platter--flounder, scallops, and shrimp--and a she-crab soup opener. Finally! She's been obsessed to indulge. Excellent. I paired a fried goat cheese, heirloom tomato salad with the larger serving of she-crab soup, as my dinner. Excellent. Topped that with a chocolate-praline mousse.

BZY's entree.

The fat lady sang.

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