15 September 2014

Kiawah-Charleston, Monday

There are few words that can fully describe this meal. Melt-in-the-Mouth might handle it.



A salad of Arugula with Glazed Beets and Summer Berries,

Candied Pecans, Asher Blue, Strawberry Vinaigrette


Marinated Peaches with Surryano Ham, Roasted Sweet Corn,

Frilly Mustards, Toasted Virginia Peanuts, Honey Ricotta.

We both chose.

Cornmeal Dusted Catfish, Sweet Corn and Virginia Sausage

"Gumbo," Geechie Boy* Grits, Charred Okra, Confit Cherry Tomatoes.


And that was just dinner. Late dinner. Reservations at 9:00pm.

*Geechy (most commonly spelled Geechee or less often Geechie) is a name historically given to and associated with the dialect of English spoken by white people of the South Carolina low country especially in the region between Georgetown and Beaufort. A typical "Geechee" is from a family that has long resided in the area and acquired the dialect and accent in the home. There has been a movement lately to incorrectly include Geechee as a part of the "Gullah" dialect spoken by the descendants of African-American slaves in the same region and their associated culture. The geechee dialect is sometimes humorously referred to as "Charlestonese"since the region it is most commonly spoken is centered around Charleston, SC.

-Urban Dictionary


For a late breakfast, we feasted at Hominy Grill.

I loved my over-easy fried eggs, grits, and bacon. I was too engaged to notice what BZY ate, but know it involved my biscuit and some grits, too. Oh... Think she had shrimp and grits.

We hiked over to the Visitor Center, booked a carriage ride, ended up in Area 3 which was a different tour than I've done before. Our mule driver was charming and a talker, so we had a jam-packed deluge of good Charleston facts, fiction, and conjecture.

After a walk through the Old Market, and a bit of browsing, we returned to Kiawah (in the rain) for mid-afternoon, early evening. Good timing as we avoided touring in the rain and enjoyed the lulling sounds of rain and thunder after we snugged in.


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