08 September 2014


-all photos credited in Vanity Fair 2014-


I'm firmly enscounced in the Gardening 101 category. But, I admire gardens and gardeners; always fantasizing that I shall one day be devoted. Love the following quoted by the eternally beautiful Gianni Agnelli in September's Vanity Fair:

An old family friend, Sandoro d'Urso, used to tell me. "Why make one's dreams come true when the best part of any project is just dreaming about it?" He was right, of course, when it comes to making a house or writing a book. But with gardens it is different. And, like all living things, they grow and change. That is a fascinating process to experience.

...Sometimes, as I wander here alone or in someone's company, my imagination flies back to the garden of my childhood, in Florence. I used to sneak out of my bed at night and wander down to the end of the garden. Just for the thrill of it. In the darkness I could feel all the invisible presences. That's when I first became aware that gardens breathe and are alive, just as we are. One is never really "done" with a garden, just as one is never "done" with life. Day by day, and step by step, one just keeps on finding new and clever ways to make them flourish, both in sunshine and in storm.

-Vanity Fair 2014



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