22 September 2014

Dinner Last Night, Lunch Today...

CA calls this my Safety-Kleen week because I'm getting together two consecutive nights with a total of 4 former S-K co-workers. Tonight four couples met for dinner at BRS's home, and she made this recipe which she calls "Oprah's Potatoes" because the original recipe appeared in a Bob Greene cookbook. BG being Oprah's fitness guru.

This is just about a perfect side dish, or lunch, or anything. I might, from time-to-time, substitute Haricot Verts for the asparagus. Keeps the vivid coloration, but adds variety. I also put the tomatoes in at the same time as the asparagus, as I wanted them to caramelize a bit. Had some cooked almost to a jam consistency in Charleston last week and they were spectacular.

I contributed the Honeydew Melon Salad (I think this is a Williams Sonoma Taste recipe.) to the meal, and LL brought Mason Jar Keylime Pies. A lovely meal and evening.

I've used both mint and cilantro in this salad, at separate times. Not thinking of ever using dill, but would use basil in a pinch.

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