27 August 2014

Too Cute Not to Post

First day of kindergarten for LE. She's so ready.

Our very precious sweetheart. Generous, kind, loving, verbal, creative, imaginative. Leads easily and fairly. Lover of all things pink and shiny. Strongly prefers dresses. Consummate hostess and party planner.

Lucy. 5 years, 5 months.

Shown here with LC (3 years, one month). He owes it all (mostly) to her!

Lucy and Levi (aka Pottyman)

On Friday we observed her on the trampoline with LC. He was being bossy and demanding as he was anxious to demonstrate his sommersault flips (amazing!). He crossed some definitive boundry with her, as she very effectively and quietly body-checked him.
He deserved it. She scared herself and immediately demonstrated remorse (or acted like she was remorseful, depending on your perspective and experience).

I was shocked. And, also quite proud to see her stand up for herself. High fives!!!!!

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