15 August 2014

Busy Friday

Stopped by Trader Joe's last night to get a 5 lb. chicken. I'm not acknowledging soup season is fast approaching, I just want some homemade chicken stock for a few recipes that deserve good stock.
So, in addition to re-organizing my pantry and two cabinets, I spent a good part of the evening in the kitchen.
I've made Berta's Chicken Stock from The Silver Palate cookbook forever. It's the best. It's not a difficult recipe, just requires a few hours of my presence and a tiny bit of attention. The messiest part is straining off the stock and disposing of the chicken and vegetables.
Tonight I retrieved the parsnips and carrots for our dinner veggie, which accompanied an oven-roasted pork tenderloin with peach sauce. We also enjoyed some seasonal figs with honey, oven-roasted and topped with goat cheese and bacon. I no longer have the patience to stuff and wrap individual figs. Layering works, and the flavors are divine.

Sizzling hot, oven-roasted Figs with Honey.

Topped with Goat Cheese and Crispy Bacon.

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