15 August 2014

Who Knew?

Top shelf: Dry Ingredients and Baking.
Bottom shelf: All Gluten-Free.


I've had to re-organize my kitchen.

Going gluten-free requires more than dietary changes. In order to eat well, one must cook. And, bake. That requires ingredients. GF bloggers and creatives provide a road-map that is so valuable--the Gluten-Free Goddess and Aran fron Cannelle et Vanille, to name two who have been on my radar for years. Not just because they live gluten-free, but because they are amazing cooks and photographers; artists, truly.

So, as new ingredients piled onto my kitchen island, they overflowed the pantry basket I designated to contain them. I've spent a bit of time this week shopping for the right storage containers. Containers that incorporate design, utility, and visibility. I do not want these expensive ingredients disappearing into the dark recesses of my small pantry.

I've spent odd moments pondering the same principles--design, utility, visibility--looking for the best solution. Luckily, I'm a process-oriented individual. I can usually work through needs vs. options and find resolution; at least the solution that streamlines and works for me.

The answer this time is these from Crate and Barrel...


These are not brand new to our family. I regularly use three sizes, plus bowls for pantry and freezer storage. We've actually used these as drinking glasses in the past.

Creating the above storage shelves required that I re-organize another cabinet, as well as my pantry shelves.


Baking and Food Prep Equipment

Re-organized Pantry to accommodate baking pan storage.


This project took me about two hours this morning, and quite a bit of time shopping and processing over the past week. I've ordered more 21 oz. jars and lids from Crate and Barrel to further organize the gluten-free dry ingredients.



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