10 August 2014

Big Commitment


After months (and years) of various symptoms and maladies, my research has led me to simplify my food intake and see what results. Encouraged, so far. Had to laugh...


Being gluten-free is just one of my dietary adjustments. The research indicates that you see results within 6 weeks, but some symtoms improve much more quickly. I'm either delusional (quite possibly) or some of my symptoms have already eased.

What I know for sure is that I'm off NSAIDs (Ibuprofen) and feel better than many times when I've been consistently taking anti-inflammatories.

And, I can attest that food prep and readiness is a struggle, and time consuming. But, hey!, I'm retired I can rebalance my life to handle things. Especially if I begin feeling better.

I don't expect a total cure for what ails me, but at this point dietary restrictions are much more attractive than my status quo of late.


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