29 January 2013

Soup Today

Yep! It's soup. A week late (because CA and I got bad head colds last week), but 8 of us gathered today and made lots of soup:
Creamy Chicken Pasta Soup (3 batches)
Chile Verde (2 batches)
Chicken Pot Pies (3 batches)
And, for lunch we had the Creamy Chicken Pasta Soup and Creamy Carrot (4 batches) that I'd made yesterday. In the midst of all this, I put together some Southern Corn Bread (2 batches) with honey to enjoy with our soup lunch.
I'm exhausted, but happy. We had fun and everyone went home with several containers of soup and a pot pie or two, ready for the freezer or oven.
Oh, and I went crazy on Monday and spent way too much time shaping 3 cups of carrots into hearts for the Creamy Chicken Pasta Soup. Dang that Pinterest! I don't actually pin or follow, but a certain blogger linked to this nutso idea. Trust me, attaining the heart shape is much more difficult than advertised. Not so sure many of my guests noticed or appreciated my toils.

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