06 January 2013

Getting Organized : Small Scale

That's iced tea, by the way. My year-round beverage of choice.
I have such plans for my walls, bookshelves, cupboards, etc. in 2013. (Pause for ya-a-a-w-w-wn...)
All around the blogosphere there are resolutions, plans, and some real go-getters who whipped their worlds into shape on January 2nd. We're still enjoying our Christmas decorations. Not the tree--we didn't squeeze one in this year--but mostly everything else. I've promised to pack it all away before we leave for the beach, but not before we spend a few days in the Colorado mountains.
I scored this wonderful tray at Tuesday Morning, just after Christmas. $4.00. Yep! It's a little shelf-worn, but not more than I would do to it in a few days of use. $4.00. Sold.
It has changed my life! I carry it from room to room throughout the day and at bedtime park it on my sweet, 4-drawer pine chest.
Main Entry:
chest of drawers
Part of Speech:noun
Definition:cabinet with drawers
Synonyms:Yorkshire dresser, bureau, chest, chiffonier,chifforobe, dresser, highboy, lowboy, tallboy

It usually holds, my glasses, iPad, iPhone, house phone, current reading material, notepad, favorite pen, watch (just lately I'm considering wearing a watch again), paperwork (requiring most-immediate attention), lip gloss, nail buffer, velcro arm-wrap for my tennis elbow (actually, book-holding forearm strain), napkin, small box of Kleenex, Ibuprofen gel (get a new supply on each European trip), micro-cloth (for screen cleaning), tape measure, etc.
It's just amazing how this has organized and simplified my life. I know where everything important can be found.

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