09 January 2013

Lemonade Stand


Well, for obvious reasons--my visual love for all things lemon--I am delighted by this particular video, as well as the entire Olive Us series by Design Mom.

The Blair family intrigues and entertains me. So glad they didn't live next door when I was raising my kids. Too much pressure. We'd never measure up. Love being the fly-on-the-wall now, though. I have the utmost respect for their parenting and creativity. I regularly share Gabrielle's posts with my daughter and daughter-in-law.

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Ben Blair said...

So glad you enjoyed Lemonade Stand, Marielle! We loved making this episode. This was one of the first ones we considered when the idea of the show emerged. Little known fact: it was actually really cold on the day of the shooting, so the kids would get in the heated car and put on coats between the outdoor takes. Thanks for sharing!