05 January 2013

San Diego: The beach and the flu.

Noël turned 3 on January 2, and got sick on the 3rd.

DM finally shook the flu for the last day of their Camp Pendleton visit.


We're headed to Colorado soon to visit DM's family--the lovely MK and our Beautiful Girls. We last saw them just before Halloween in Ft. Collins. We'll arrive between Noël's 3rd birthday and Kristina's 5th. There will be cake! And presents...

They've been in the San Diego area since just after Christmas with American friends they made in Slovakia.

DM was sick on arrival with a nasty cold and flu, but his girls frolicked and played in the seaside cove just outside their beach rental. LG especially enjoyed interacting with sea life--starfish, crabs... There were rocks to climb and friends to enjoy. We had a few opportunities to visit via Apple's FaceTime, which pleased us greatly and made it all real.


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