04 April 2011


Since I've been in Wheaton four times very recently, I've eaten at Front Street Cocina three times... And, eaten the same entree twice--spinach quesadillas with mushrooms and onions. Good thing I included that food idea on the list I made of "What to cook in Slovakia" because with early jet lag my mind was blank.

Yesterday I referred to my list, saw that item, and today MK and I have a very fine lunch. We use the LaTortilla Factory white corn tortillas that I managed to fit into my suitcase (actually managed to fit in 4 packages, and it won't be enough once DM tastes this new treat).

We make three quesadillas, each serving a portion of 1-1/2. MK mentions these would be good for breakfast and in a flash I warm up frying two eggs--plopping one atop each of our remaining whole quesadillas. Ma-Ma-Mia! Perfection.

LG is at školka today so after KF and I visit the playground and Tesco, we go to LG's school--I've been assured that KF can take me to the appropriate classroom, but once there she claims, "I know nothing." A bit of sign language and a mention of LG's name works eventually.

Both girls entertain themselves all afternoon watering their special "hole" in the backyard. MK is a very, very patient and understanding mama.

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