12 April 2011


For some reason, the little girls have been sleeping until 7:00am or later every day. LG has škôlka today--swimming lessons begin this week, first thing in the morning. She's very excited.

We linger a bit after MK takes LG to škôlka, then DM takes KF and I to Avion Shopping Center, and he runs an errand in Bratislava. KF loves to shop! She loves fashion. We first stop at Dráčik to shop for ponies--buying a black and white horse for KF, a golden mare for LG, and a tiny Pinto pony for NJ.

Then, we visit Promod, a trendy and lovely boutique for ladies. KF is in heaven. She goes from item to item exclaiming, "This is perfect for mommy. This is perfect for LG. This is perfect for daddy."

Next we go to Next, a British boutique for women, men, and children. I can't resist a bit of European fashion for LE in Omaha... KF could spend the entire day in here, she's crazy for everything. It is a fun store--very special. After a bit we choose something for LE, and KF is wearing a very cute hat around the store the entire time. She tries on some shoes and of course I can't say "no" when she chooses some black ballet flats (like I brought from the USA for LG).

KF is done shopping and so we walk to the play area next to the Green Tree Cafe. As I'm walking toward the entrance to the playground, KF insists that I'm going the wrong way. I'm not sure what she's saying other than I need to follow her. It turns out that she wants me to go the right way--around the long way and then in by the bunny. My way also goes past the bunny, but in her world there's always a right way and that's KF's way. She's been such fun today. I'm totally enjoying our day together.

DM shows up soon to do some Internet work while minding KF. I have some gifts to buy at Peek and Cloopenburg. I also go to Hypernova, as we're making CPK pizzas tonight for dinner and need supplies. I could spend an hour here, but we need to get to Chorvatsky Grob to pick up LG from skolka at 12:30pm.

MK and LG take NJ for a doctor's visit--routine--while DM tries to get KF to nap. In the end, both DM and I nap, at different times, but KF cruises through the afternoon watching videos and playing quietly alone. When MK gets home, the little girls play with their neighborhood friends while I check in with the airlines re: Wednesday's return trip to the USA; the Gold Key Resort people re: our upcoming beach vacation with JE's family, and our potential purchase of a week in Virginia Beach; and various other phone calls.

The pizzas are a success. We make a pear, hazelnut, and grilled onion pizza (with parmesan and mozarella because I forgot to buy gorgonzola) along with a hungry man version that includes spicy salami, corn, grape tomatoes, sauteed spinach, garlic, grilled onions, parmesan, and mozarella. Delicious.

The adults stay up too late, and I stay up even later editing 500+ photos and working on uploading them to Flickr. Stay tuned.

I've had such a very, very good visit. We've done so many things while spending lots of time  at home, enjoying the little girls. I've played ponies tons of times, sung songs, laughed at knock-knock jokes, cooked at bit, and done a lot of lingering in the very comfortable IKEA chair. Wish this style fit in with our decor at home, because my back loves this chair.

I'd love to stay longer, but I have projects at home, a beach vacation coming soon, and a dire need to get back to Weight Watchers and my walking-yoga routines. And most of all, I'm missing my wonderful husband, CA. See you soon!

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