03 April 2011


It's the quiet part of the day. This is the first night I've been awake long enough to take full advantage of being up late and alone. I've faced-off jet lag, and finally won.

There's a missing drive in DM's MacBook--can't download photos directly from my photo card to his laptop, so dozens of great photos are languishing in my camera. I did bring the cords along, so at some point I'll figure out what to plug in where and download away.

Other than a walk mid-afternoon with LG and KF, I've been at home all day. A gorgeous day--a bit hazy toward the Carpathian Mountains, but 60s+ and sunny. The girls have been seriously watering a hole in the backyard--trying to goop it up and striving for a puddle. So far just a lot of very wet grass, but they're working on it. It's kept them happy and busy. They're cute in their pink Wellies with their green watering cans, diligently about their chores...

NJ is an impish beauty, mostly quietly going about her business, investigating and climbing. She can open drawers and confiscates anything left within her long reach. Today she happily claimed a 300g Milka chocolate bar that was gifted to me.

We're firming up our plans for the days ahead. DM works Monday and Tuesday, and then he, the older girls, and I will drive near the Krupa family cottage at Dovalovo in the Low Tatra Mountains for two overnight at a penzion in Huty. We've stayed there before and it's a simple and nice penzion close to Zuberec and Liptovsky Mikulas. The cottage is under major renovation--due to be completed by late June--and it'll be fun to see the changes and improvements. The original structure dates from 1887 and this construction moves it into the 21st century.

MK's mom told us yesterday that when she retires she will spend May to October there each year. That'll be a huge change of pace for JK as she's a fast-moving, hard-working momma. I do understand, and told her so. Until 18 months ago no one could have imagined that I'd be content not working. Me included. I've found many ways to fill my time and use my energies. Having 6 grandchildren born in 6 years has been a huge commitment--the best kind.

I'll probably do some exploring on my own tomorrow afternoon after LG is picked up from school. I can head in just about any direction and claim an adventure. I'll strap my camera around my neck and see where it leads.

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