27 April 2011



My alarm goes off and I get up. Immediately. I'm dressing and grabbing some snacks and out the door just after 5:00am to drive the almost one hour to Deer Park. I'm second in line, and the line is short. Two of the guys in line today were here yesterday, but their particularly- desired model was not on-offer. The supply changes daily and is unpredictable.


There are plenty of 32 gigabyte Verizon iPads available this morning, and so far only 6 or so people in line. I take my tickets, gratefully, and drive to Whole Foods parking lot to eat my fruit and Greek yogurt and wait for the 8:00am opening bell.

I find a perfect 5" layer cake for Gigi's birthday tomorrow, and a few treats for the rest of us.

By 9:00am I'm back at the Apple Store--having had two 3-shot Starbuck's cappuccinos so far this lovely (rainy) spring day. Business transacted, I'm a happy camper as I continue on my appointed rounds--shiny new iPad tucked safely into the trunk of my car.

I'm home by 11:00am or so--GiGi has to be picked up at O'Hare at 1:05pm and CA has soccer, so I'm the appointed chauffer...

By dinnertime, I get real and suggest food from Tommy's for the family rather than the meal I'd planned, while I want to eat something WW-friendly and healthy out of my own frig. (Not to mislead--I managed to totally blow my diet out-of-the-water today.)

A very long, and a very successful day. GiGi and MA acquaint themselves with my new toy. That's good. I'll have plenty of time next week to get comfortable with our new iPad. That's right... I need to practice saying ours.

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