15 April 2011



I love this mock cherry tree but in general, I've been dissatisfied with our front landscaping forever. We get very little sunlight and the builder's landscaping team planted dwarf lilacs, hosta, and day lilies in the main bed. The blossoms on the lilacs have been puny and scant--especially since the landscape maintenance people (a constantly revolving entity) employed by our homeowners association, prunes these bushes every year. If you prune a lilac, it won't bloom for at least a year. The day lilies do the minimum, too. The hosta are fine, but they aren't as varigated as they were originally, due to sunshine deficiency.

Just before my trip--actually moments before my departure for O'Hare (I was actually already in the car)--the new landscaping team we hired showed up to banish the lilacs. They were did a fine job and at a very reasonable price.

In process:

Now, I'm researching shade gardens and finding a good variety of photos on-line.

Unfortunately, Spring is a fleeting moment in Chicagoland so I'll have to bide my time for another 4 to 6 weeks before planting. More to come...

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