08 August 2013

In a Jam

Yep! We made jam today. Lots of jam, and 9 quarts of sliced and frozen peaches. We tossed the slices with lemon juice, a bit of Fruit Fresh, and a splash of orange juice. If these turn brown, I give up.
We're replacing the 6 quarts we lost when one of the Fun Kids (we think) left the freezer door ajar. Our fault. The door locks, but we never thought to secure it.
And, we made 8 1/2 pints (8 oz. jars) of blackberry-blueberry jam thanks to my brother PJ's generosity. He wants his jam runny. I decided he can microwave it a few seconds as I have scruples against deliberately making runny jam.
We followed the Sure Jell recipe for cooked jams. For the blackberry-blueberry, we compromised between the sugar allotment for blackberry and the variant amount (much less) for blueberry, leaning more toward the blackberry amount as there was a 3:2 or 5:3 ratio between the two berries. Blackberries need way more sugar. Tastes divine!

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