20 August 2013

Gripped by the Grapes

If PJ had offered me normal, run-of-the-mill grapes, I would have refused. I'm not usually a huge fan of grape jelly or jam.
But, I'm intrigued by these tiny Canadice grapes. So, the following is for PJ and GJ (since she has a bag full of these grapes, also).
I had this on my toast this morning. Excellent. Really, really good. I now have to say, I love me some homemade grape jam.

Highlighted text in recipe: I did none of that. I just puréed the grapes and blueberries, measured 6 cups, mixed in Sure Jell, brought to full boil, added sugar... Didn't add water or boil the mixture down before measuring the 6 cups of puréed fruits.

Original recipe is online at:



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