21 August 2013

High Wine District

High wine

The product of the first Distillation in a batch or Pot Still process. The High wines are distilled for a second time in the spirit still, or Doubler.

Peoria has a rich history of distillers and brewers. This neighborhood is named for whiskey--the high wine of the spirits world.Thewhiskey barons (Hiram Walker and others) chose to build homes on and near West High Street and West Moss Avenue--the West Bluff of the Illinois River.
PJ gave me a grand tour today.

The two predominant urns are not completely identical.
The one on the left has a female visage.
The one on the right is male, and bears a goatee, I believe.
Side view.

Front view.

Back view.
Front view reveals garden setting. Designed and maintained by PJ's co-worker.
(Also, foilage and flowers above first Easton fountain photo.)

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