29 August 2013

Dinner Tonight: Pizza Margherita

Stone Fire's Naan is an excellent and tasty base for our summer pizza obsession.
CA's decided he likes his Naan brushed with EVO, but I stick with low-fat mayo. Both help seal the crust and keep the grated quesadilla cheese in place.
I decide to use thinly-sliced tomatoes on my pizza, but CA chooses tomato chunks. We're lucky to still have Beefsteak tomatoes from PJ's neighbor in Bayview Gardens.
I bake the two Naans at 400 degrees, usually for 10 minutes, but with this pizza I assemble in layers and bake twice.

After 6 minutes, I add the fresh Mozzarella to both and return to the 400 degree oven for 5 more minutes. NOTE: The fresh Mozzarella exudes water, so next time I'm going to bake the chunks on foil first, drain, and then add semi-melted Mozzarella to pizza.
After the second baking, I top mine with the freshly-julienned Basil and salt the tomatoes. CA's gets fresh tomato chunks and Basil.
We both drizzle Balsamic reduction over our pizzas. Excellent!

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